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Overview:  CREST Queensland is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation consisting of people who have an interest in radio communications. We utilise our interest by monitoring CB emergency channels and providing assistance with contacting relevant agencies to attend the emergencies that are reported via the emergency channels. CREST Queensland members are also active in supporting community events with radio communications and radio operators.


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High profile events we are currently associated with are:

Brisbane Convoy for Kids.

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History: CREST Queensland was established on the 23rd July 2011.  This date marked an important event as it was the 35th anniversary of the formation of CREST in NSW, Australia. CREST Qld is closely modelled on the operational ethos of the long established CREST NSW and our sister organisation, CREST Vic. 

General Information: CREST Queensland monitors Citizens band radio (CB Radio) emergency channels on both the UHF band and AM band. Channels 5 and 35 UHF plus channel 9 AM are government allocated emergency channels and should be used only in the event of an emergency. Our monitors are able to respond to a reported emergency by relaying emergency information to the relevant State Government agency on behalf of the radio caller.

Community:  CREST Qld provides a radio communications service for the community, travellers, community organizations, and government agencies in order to save lives, prevent injuries or loss of property, and provide assistance where needed. We also provide Event Support to Community Organisations

Our members are happy to provide advice on radio communications for events and for private use. We also have various skills in programming radios and installing external radio equipment.

Volunteers:  CREST Queensland is constantly seeking interested people to join us as either a full member or associate member.  Full membership involves regular monitoring of the emergency channels as well as participation in community events whereas associate membership is available to those who would like to help out with events only.

If you have an interest in 2way radio and would like to become a volunteer emergency radio monitor with CREST Queensland,  please feel free to download and complete the Membership Application Form. A member of CREST Queensland will contact you with further information regarding your application once we receive it.

Marine:  CREST Queensland has a specialised Marine Radio Monitoring team made up of personnel with a maritime industry background.  This team augments Coast Guard operations by adding another set of ears to listen to marine radio traffic and relay information to Coast Guard stations when necessary. Additionally, the team is actively building an AIS network which provides extensive coverage of the SE Qld waterways. The AIS viewing platform has already been adopted by several marine safety organisations.   

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Australian CB Emergency Channels Quick List

     UHF CB Channel 5:

UHF Ch5 is the main receive frequency allocated to UHF CB radio.  Radio users can select Ch5 simplex for direct communication with a monitor via UHF CB channel 5. 

UHF CB Channel 35:

UHF Ch35 is the uplink channel to an emergency repeater. A repeater gives a wider coverage area of the emergency channels.  Radio users access the emergency repeater by selecting Ch5 duplex (usually a red button) on the radio.  The repeater receives the transmission on Ch35 and re-broadcasts the message on Ch5.

Misuse of Channel 35

Many UHF CB users are oblivious to the fact that channel 35 forms part of the UHF Emergency Channel Network.  It is common to hear radio users on Ch35 taking part in routine conversations.  Unfortunately,  using Ch35 for non emergency purposes, adds congestion to the emergency network and may interfere with a genuine emergency being reported over the radio.  UHF CB users are requested to avoid transmitting on Ch5 and Ch35 unless reporting an emergency.

The Australian Government can issue fines and/or gaol sentences for interfering with an emergency transmission on Ch5 and Ch35.


Channel 9 AM CB


With UHF CB becoming more prevalent,  it is rare to hear transmissions on the AM CB these days.  However,  there are still quite a number of heavy vehicles with these radios installed. CREST Queensland members regularly maintain a monitoring watch on the AM CB Ch9 emergency channel. 

The ACMA Citizens Band Radio Fact Sheet can be downloaded here in PDF format

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